Design, Functional creativity

Raymond Loewy once said “What is ugly doesn’t sell”. In the digital age, this adage is constantly renewed. Beyond just aesthetic appeal, a site that isn’t user friendly or where the content isn’t pertinent won’t fulfill its objective, be it commercial or informative.

With our experience in graphic design, user experience and brand content, we are committed to delivering our clients the best user experience possible, adapted to their context and to their clients.

Stephane Lecouturier, Design Director


  1. Immersion

    Understanding your job, your clients, and what’s at stake

  2. Concept

    Developing our stance

  3. Creation

    Transforming concepts into images & words into interactions

  4. Development

    Bringing our work to life

  5. Real Life

    Assisting you in the long run

our Team

12 artistics directors
1 content strategist


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